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Activity…  Futatsu No Kodou To Akai Tsumi – Vampire Knight Op

Sparkles floated up from a endless dark abyss, giving it the only light for miles. The sparkles individually light up as one of the colors of the entire color spectrum, each one brighter then another.
One that is pure blue floated directly in front of the camera.
The sparkle solidified and crystallized, taking the form of a sapphire star.
A pair of large yellow reptilian eyes appeared opened up behind it before a clawed reptilian hand reached out to grab it.

The hand crushed the star in its hand. It opened up its palm and the remains of the crystal star were blown away in a breeze.
The shards flew along the breeze like a simple feather, carried away from the hahnd.
The shards materialized together and formed the title,

War X Part 1: Fate at Work, with the X being two crossed swords-  one pure black with a bat winged handle and a simple sword with a butterfly handle.

The main hero of our story, the silver-white haired, sapphire eyed, sunkissed skinned, 13 year old, aspergers riddled Molin Fine stood on top of a antenna, with his jacket flapping in the wind. He angrily frowned and clenched his fists.

Elsewhere, the main heroine of our tale, the emerald-pink haired, bronze eyed, 13-year old hopeful Anastasia Modera Sylterkin lay in the middle of a flower field. She reached up to the sky, as if trying to grab onto something important.

Walking down a busy road, Molin’s twin sister, the redhead with a twintail hairstyle Sera turned upon hearing something and saw her friend Bretny Lera, a 16 year old girl with the same color hair, running towards her, waving her hand over her head.

Walking down a castle corridor, Anastastia’s guardian, the 22-year old, spike blonde, Garland Mherata stared at the ground, holding his rapier close to his armor.
Walking down the same hole but in the opposite direction was Rosalyn, Anastasia’s grass-green and ocean blue colored and yellow feather-winged draconian handmaiden. The two passed each other by, not even giving passing glances.

Exorcia, Rosalyn’s older brother with a black upper body, a purple underbelly, and red hair running down from his head to his tail, walked off a ship on a rocky world. He sensed something sinister nearby and angrily glanced in that direction.

Melhel Troscrop, Molin’sbest friend and a Toehrs, a race of anthropomorphic reptiles with a ‘split face’- basically the mouths are open with mandibles, stood in the middle of a squad of hopeful military recruits and gave a joint salute with the rest of them.

In the middle of a dark room, the villain of our story sat with his face obscured by all view, with his fingers in a pyramid. He evilly smiled.
His body began to glow green. The green glow spread out and covered the entire room.

Molin begrudgingly dodged to the right, dodging a pipe from a gang thug. 2 others came in, swinging from all sorts of directions. He deflected and parried some. Bored, Molin spun in a circle, swinging his own pipe. The pipe hit his foes, knocking them unconscious. His eyes briefly glowed red.

Mel charged right into a hellfire of lasers, his twin curved blades facing towards his back. He kicked off the ground, landing behind the enemy position. He blocked a enemy blade with his left blade then flipped over his back. He spun in a circle, deflecting incoming fire back towards their owners. He buried one of his blades in a soldiers shoulder and landed on his chest. The blood from his foes shoulder squirted out, passing by Mel’s emotionless face.

Garland moved with lightning speed, using his rapier to deflect laser fire. The way he moved was almost like a dance. One of his enemies’s charged. He danced to the right and stabbed his foe though the shoulder. He flipped his rapier backwards and stabbed backwards, catching another in the chin.

Exorcia breathed fire out of his mouth as he twirled in a circle, creating a ring of fire. This trapped his foes with no way to go. He and his foes began to fight, with Exorcia digging his claws into their chests. He whipped his tail, causing 3 others to fall over into the ring.

A stained glass portrait of heroes of the past shattered as green-colored eyes opened behind it, growling evilly.
The shards from the portrait fell to the floor and took the shapes of Molin, Sera, Mel, Exorcia, Rosalyn, Garland, and Anastasia. The owner of the green eyes slammed a fist down on them.

Molin, though dressed in a entirely different outfit like he’s a scientist and with age lines on his face, ran down a dark corridor towards a speck of light. Denizens of the darkness crawled after him, reaching out for him to end their suffering. They grabbed his legs, slowing him down. Molin reached out to the light as the darkness slowly enveloped him.
A gentle hand reached out and grabbed him, illuminating everything around him.
The owner of the hand, a Goddess with pure emerald green hair and clothing to fit her high stature, descended down and grasped his hand with both of hers.
Puzzled, Molin could just watch as a sphere of light appeared in his hands. Molin smiled, knowing what it means.
They lifted their hands up into the air and the sphere floated out of it. It expanded outward, slowing growing as large as a sun.
The orb shattered like a egg and a long reptile-like creature with a serpentine body with thousands of arms and a very intimidating face appeared. In each of the arms was a starlit oval sphere.
The one they are focusing on is the one in front of the creature’s face. All three of them peered at it. The Goddess touched it with the tip of her finger, causing a ripple effect.  Two creatures appeared beside them, but they were covered by shadow.
On the other side of the oval sphere, a monster taking the form of a anthropomorphic scorpion appeared, and behind him were legions of monsters just like him, but of different species.
All 6,837 oval spheres began to shine bright, but the one closest to the Goddess, the aged Molin, and the creature glowed the brightest.

A lone white fighter flew along the rims of a asteroid belt with laser fire hitting the asteroids behind it. It transformed into a mech and fired it’s particle cannon at the source of the lasers.

Molin and Anastasia, both in prom dresses, slowly danced under the spotlight, each looking into the other’s eyes. Anna blushed a bright red and she couldn’t hide it.

The captain of the massive city-sized Cathedral Ship Athens thrust his arm forward, ordering his ship and the fleet surrounding it to move towards the enemy before them.

Bretny dragged Sera, Rose, and Anna in for a selfie, much to their protest, and snapped it. In the background of the picture, Molin and Garland were arguing about something.

Exorcia breathed fire to his opponent, who blocked it with her own personal shield. She pulled out a grenade and tossed it towards him. Exorcia dodged to the right, avoiding the explosion, and took to the air.

Molin and Sera slept under a tree on top of a hill overlooking their home city. The two held each other close in a way like brothers and sisters would.

Mel clashed swords with another member of his race who went pirate. The two dos-e-doed around each other, both equally matched. They swung their swords at each other, causing sparks to fly.

Molin sat on a railing, looking up to the starry sky. Garland, Sera, Rose, Bretny, and Anna stood behind him, looking up at the same field of stars.

In that same sky, a intense space battle was taking place between two very large fleets. The Athens fired its main cannon, taking out half of the enemy fleet in one fell swoop.

A little 7 year old girl with cat ears in her puffy orange hair floated in a weightless liquid, cured up in a ball. She slowly started to open her eyes.

Breath escaped from Sera’s body in bubbles as she fell from the light towards darkness.

His head buried into his jacket, Molin curled up under a lamp as rain poured all around him.

Anna cried into a pillow as a shatter picture frame of her entire family was on the floor, covered in tears and blood.

Mel, finished reading a letter, crushed it up. He threw it away. It missed the trashcan and hit the floor.

Garland stood in front of a broken gravestone with a single rose. He threw it down then headed back, not even glancing back.

The transforming mech spread its arms out as far as it can go. Floating in front of it, Bretny did the same.

Exorcia walked past Rosalyn, not even giving her the time of day. Rose looked away from her brother, heartbroken.

Individual stained glass portraits of Molin, Sera, Rose, Exorcia, Anna, Mel, and Garland exploded into tiny shards.

A sapphire blue colored star-shaped necklace began to glow its color brightly. It’s owner, Molin, appeared out of nowhere with a blue glow, sparkles, streams of blue energy, and a powerful gust coming from the ground beneath him. Molin let all those elements encompass him with his face raised to the sky.
He slowly opened his eyes. His blue eyes slowly turned red.
The energy came out in a strong torrent, swirling around into a whirlwind of energy. The sparkles encompassed Molin and rose him up. He spread his arms on the way up and the sparkles followed that.
A very large outline appeared around him following his pose, with Molin right in its heart. The energy and the sparkles hit him from two separate directions and spread out to fill it the outline.
Large and muscular reptilian blue arms appeared. Large and stylized jeweled silver gauntlets stretched from his fingers to his elbows.
Equally muscular legs appeared with a pair of vembraces much like the gauntlets in design and make.
Leaving the upper arms and upper thighs exposed, the beasts lower and upper torso appeared, also as muscular but without abs. A chestguard with spiky shoulder pauldrons that are also the same design and make as the venbraces and gauntlets appeared and covered the chest, shoulders, and back. The yellow underbelly was left fully exposed.
A long whip-like tail and a pair of wings much larger than the body appeared out the back, appearing in a explosion of sparkles.
The head appeared last. With a trio of horns appearing on its head, the horns curved out in three separate directions. A angular mouth with razor sharp teeth appeared next.
Fully formed, the monster angrily opened its ruby-colored eyes and stretched its wings out as far as possible and roared loudly to the air. The force of the roar caused the energy and sparkles around it to rush away like a tidal wave, eventually reaching and washing over the camera.

War X
Part 1: Fate at Work…

here is the full movie, ladies and gents.
and i have been on this site for 3 years- no virus.
and if you want to catch up on the show... well, here you go.
witness the harrowing true story that inspired Moby Dick.

Chapter 2
My Life
2/5/523 A.R.

The Kingdom of Helre.
In its hayday, the kingdom was prosperous and successful, with its people happy and cheerful. But when their current King, Michael Modera Sylterkin, came into power, things turned bad. Very bad. He raised Taxes to a unnatural level, sending the entire planet into poverty, the exception being Solus FiM, the company he’s also the chairman of.
As he is the king, Modera gets away with everything on his world and the populous knows that they will never be able to overthrow him, even if every single one of them rose up and stormed the gates of his castle.
Modera once had a large family too but they died thanks to assassination attempts on his life. This man is cold-hearted because he doesn’t care one bit about them at all. The only family he has left is his daughter Anastasia Modera Sylterkin, someone who is to play a important part in the war to come.

Anastasia, the romance-loving, peaceful-feeling, warm-spirited, spunky, emerald-haired Princess of Helre, is depressed. For 13 years, she’s been trapped in the castle; 13 years of being depressed, alone, and almost forgotten. If it wasn’t for her nursemaid Rosalyn and her guardian Garland, she’d have gone insane a long time ago. She has read every book, watched every movie and tv show, seen every play, and written a couple of her own. She’s done everything in this castle twice and it’s getting to her. Nothing ever excites her anymore.
At her father’s ‘can’t say no’ request, she’s taken fencing lessons with Garland as her instructor. She’s capable but she’s more comfortable with small pistols. Rose even suggested she dual-wields the two. ‘How can someone do that’ is what Anna laughed at her.

The sounds of a piano filled the castle’s empty concert hall. The melody was a sad and mellow one, telling a story of heartbreak and sorrow. ‘Sunlight Cadenza’ is what it’s called and its current composer, a somber Anastasia. Her actual 13th birthday is tomorrow and she’s feeling down, down, down. Playing this added to it.
Armored footsteps approached her from behind. Anna didn’t have to look; she didn’t even have to open her eyes, she recognized the man instantly from the clink in his armor. “What is it, Garland?” she asked in a somber tone.
Garland, her loyal and powerful guardian; a man of 22 with spiky blonde hair, kneeled to her. “Lady Anastasia. Your father requests your presence.”
Anna sighed and closed the lid on the keys. “Very well…” she said with a sigh. She got up and headed out of the concert hall. Every day for all her life, she had to live according to her father’s vision, his vision of a world under his iron rule, and even family was no exception. It was that stubbornness that killed her brothers, her sisters, and her mother.
Just once, she’d like to live by her own rules, by her own volition. But that’s just a wish on a star, one that won’t come true soon.

Anastasia’s father, Modera, sat on his throne, looking at a report. That report is the report from the Beetle pilots that found the block of ice that gave off Iridium signatures. They ran scans on the flight home and found it that there is something inside the block. But mechanical or biological, they’re going to have to wait for the bigwigs at Solus FiM to look at it. And for him to look at it. As I said, not only is he the king of Helre, but also the chairman of Solus FiM.
He heard footsteps approaching and put the report down. “Ah. Anastasia. I was hoping you’d be here.”
“You summoned me, Dad.” She said, still in a rut.
“Yes. And for a good reason.” Modera got up from his throne and walked to her. “Anna, you know I will not be around forever.” That’s no surprise to her. The people have been asking for his exile or death for a long while now. And… she agrees with them. She knows from experience that her father isn’t a friendly man, caring only about making a name for himself and marking his place in history. She hates him so much, she wants to punch him.
“Why are you telling me this?” she asked, feigning emotion.
“Because when I pass, you will be Queen of Helre and I’m counting on your to carry on my legacy.”
Legacy… she hates that word. She hates it with a passion. It’s because of that word that her life is completely crummy. And Queen? She doesn’t want that. Not now, not ever. “R-right. Queen… looking… forward to that.” she said hesitantly. “D-does that mean I can finally leave the castle?”
Modera didn’t answer. He just gave her daughter a cold stare. He pulled out and looked at a pocket-watch, not giving answer to her request. “Now, I have to leave. There’s a development at work and I have to see it though.” He put the watch away and headed for the exit. “We’ll talk when I return tonight.”
Anastasia stood there as her father left. Inheriting the throne, ruling over an impoverished planet. She doesn’t want this. And she wouldn’t wish this on her own child. She had to tell him what’s truly in her heart. She turned and went after him.
Anna caught up with him in the courtyard where his personal shuttle was waiting to take him to his destination. He was near the ramp when she caught up. “Dad! Wait!” he stopped and turned to see her run up.
She panted for a moment, giving her time to work up the courage to ask her question. “Dad…” Medora blinked, growing impatient. “I… I…” Dammit, she had it. She had the question in her mind. Why isn’t she able to say anything? Just say it, say it stupid. “Be… be careful.”
“Is that it? Cause you’re wasting my time.” he coldly asked.
The tone of his voice caught her. She couldn’t do it. She couldn’t tell him. She just couldn’t, no matter how hard she’ll try. Her father will always have her under his heel. “Yeah… that’s it…”
Without another word, Modera climbed up the ramp and entered his shuttle. The ramp closed and the engines ignited. Wind kicked up as the ship hovered off the ground. Anna didn’t cover herself or anything. Whenever she’s around him, she always feels intimidated. Why can’t she ever work up the courage to tell him how she feels about this whole mess?
Once a few kilometers above the ground, the engines flared and the ship flew away, fastly growing out of range. Anna sighed depressingly and went back to the castle. Every single time she tries to tell him, she freezes up. It’s when he’s long gone she’s able to say the things in her heart.
“I hate you…” she was finally able to say.
Anna is always a kind and gentle soul; Hatred is completely unknown to her. When she says something like that, you know she means it.
She re-entered the castle, the guards closing the door behind her. She heard tweeting though a open window and saw a robin nestled on a lush, green tree outside.
“Lucky… you get to decide where to go. What to do.” she walked to the window and opened it up further. The robin tweeted and fluttered down to her. She held out a finger and it landed. Anna smiled and lightly petted it. “At least you have a life, little bird. Me… I’m stuck here.” The robin tweeted again and took off to the sky. She watched it fly away and sighed sadly.

Rosalyn flew though the castle, trying to find Anna. She had a present to give Anna for her birthday and couldn’t wait. She had worked long and hard to find it.
“Anna!” the red and green dragoness called out. She flew into the throne room and touched down near the throne. “Anna!” ….. Nothing. Not a sound but her echo. Rose got irritated and tapped her paw on the cobblestone floor. “Where is that girl?”
She heard the strings of a piano echo though the hall, giving her her answer. “She’s at the hall.” she flapped her wings and headed that way.

Anna, once again, is playing Sunlight Cadenza. It’s a fitting epitaph for what she’s feeling today; sad, dismal, and down-right depressed. She couldn’t talk to her father, she can’t do anything for herself… can anyone else have such a crummy life? All she wants is to make her own decisions and lead her own life, not what anyone is dictating for her.
Rosalyn flew in and landed on the stage. “Anna. There you are.” Anna glanced back but didn’t stop her concentration. “Uh-oh.” Rose saw this every year for the past 6 years on her birthday. “How… how are you feeling?”
Anna slammed her hands into the keys, causing a discordant sound to reverberate. “13 years…” That bad cord made Rose’s head vibrate a bit; Dragons have very sensitive hearing. “I have been trapped in this castle for 13 years, Rose. I’ve never been able to do whatever I wanted to do!” she slammed the piano shut and got up. “I have always lived by my father’s rules; my father’s expectations!” She walked to the edge of the stage and sat down. “I hate my life! I hate this castle, I hate my father, and I hate this planet! I hate everything!”
Rose is stunned. How long as she had this bottled up? Why hasn’t she said anything earlier? Anna is usually calm, kind, funny. To see her like this… it’s something she’s never considered. She’s the princess’s hand maiden. She can confide in her. Why wait until now to blow a gasket? She walked over and sat down beside her. “How come you didn’t say anything about this before?”
Anna fell backwards with her arms spread, grunted when her head hit the floor, and she looked away. “What could I say, Rose? ‘Dad, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to live under you or live to you expectations anymore. It’s my life and I choose what to do with it!’ Should I have said that?”
“Well… yeah.”
“It’s not like I haven’t tried. Hell, I tried to tell him this morning before he left, but… but I just couldn’t say it.” She hit her head on the floor one again. “No matter how hard I try, I can never tell him how I’m feeling.” She her hand over her eyes and sighed. “You’re lucky.”
“Lucky? How?”
Anna moved her hand down to her chest. “Cause you can make your own decisions. You… Garland… the maids… even little birds… you do what you want to do. Meanwhile, I’m stuck here, living under my father’s iron thumb. That’s why you lucky… you have a life.”
“Yeah… lucky me…” Truth is, it’s not so great outside the castle, but Anna doesn’t know that it’s poverty-central outside. But being Anna’s maid, she can’t leave her feeling this depressed. “But it’s not that bad, Anna. You got a home.”
“A home from hell…” Anna got up and walked up the aisle while running her hand over the seats. “Once, just once, even if it’s for one day, I would like to live by my own rules, my own volition, and living up to heights I set for myself. Just once…” she sat down in a seat and sighed once again. “Just once…”
Just once… man, Modera and Garland are going to kill her for this. “You know…” Rose spread her wings, flapped them, and flew over to Anna. “I’m reminded of a piece of advice my brother Exorcia told me before he left.” the princess looked to the dragoness with depressed eyes. “Just follow your gut.”
Really? That’s her advice. “Wow. What a way with words. Exorcia might be the next Shakespeare.” She said sarcastically.
“Anna…” Rose said sternly. Anna shut up. “What my brother so ‘eloquently’ put is that you should do what you think is right. It’s your life, not anyone else’s; you make the choices, and right now, you are choosing to let your dad run it.”
Her life… her choice… why didn’t she think about it before? Add that to the stupid list of things she didn’t figure out before. “Right… thanks, Rose.”
“That’s what I’m here for.” she turned to leave then remembered why she was looking for Anna in the first place. “Oh. I almost forgot. Here.” she swung her tail, tossing a small box to Anna. She caught it, almost falling out of her seat. “Happy Birthday.”
Rose flapped her wings and flew away. Anna looked at the box with curious eyes then opened it up. She reached in and pulled out a small star-shaped orange necklace. “That’s odd…” she muttered. It came with a note. She opened it up and read it.
‘For your sixteenth birthday. You are my most precious thing, darling. Live life to the fullest. Do me proud. Mom.’
“Mom?” Anna closed her eyes and sat back. She misses her so much. She raised her hand and looked at the ruby. Odd thing to leave behind. “Live life to the fullest…” better then ‘follow your guts.’
She steeled herself and closed her hand around the necklace. She knows what she has to do now.

Modera’s personal shuttle neared a large, white citadel; the headquarters for Solus FiM. The inside is a massive factory floor, making everything from ships to small vacuum cleaners. Conveyer belts hung from the ceiling, along with ships being put together with a combination of robotics and sweat & blood.
“Solus FiM is the universe’s leading provider of everything robotic.” a A.I. Tour Guide told her troupe; a class on a fieldtrip from the world of Franz. The A.I. is a calming female voice with an artificial body modeled after a Curian; a race of highly sentient jellyfish. “The company provides everything from large warships to smart mousetraps. Solus FiM is known for its quality, providing robotics that can last after 200 years of active use, such as myself.” A little girl, no more then 6, raised her hand. “You have a question?”
“What does FiM mean?”
“FiM is a Anagram for ‘The Future in Machinery’. the T is removed for-- as current chairman Michael Modera Sylterken puts it --entertainment value.”
A boy of 7 raised his hand next and the Tour Guide asked him to ask his question. “how old is this place?”
“If you are referring to the building, it has been around since the founding of Solus FiM, more than 200 years ago today. The company was founded by former king of Helre, Solus Modera Sylterken. Her vision of an advanced world is what strived her to start the company. Their first contract is also the most famous and well known ship in existence; the massive city-sized Cathedral Ship known as Athens, which was completed 10 years after Solus’ death. Since then, Solus FiM has gotten contracts from every known area from various Militaries to cleaning corporations such as JC Samson.”
Another boy, 9, raised his hand. “Wait, you accept contracts? Does that mean you accept contracts from bad people, like pirates?”
“Solus FiM is known for being a neutral party in times of bloodshed, never turning down a contract no matter the customer. They do, however, sabotage one side if the other side pays enough. A number of small, localized conflicts were decided by their sabotage.”
A girl of 7 raised her hand. “Does Solus do things other than robots and battleships?”
“Periodically, scout ships looking for Iridium, the necessary component to construct our products, but they periodically come across ancient and out-of-date devices out in the void of space. These range from ancient husks of ships, old data packets detailing the Omniverse Rampage, or old Mechs. Recently, a scout ship found a mech floating out in the Dregs- the nickname for the space between planets -heavily damaged. Carbon Dating puts it to be older then the Rebirth. Solus FiM Scientists are currently working on repairing it; so far, without success. They dub the project Ra, named after the only readable letters found on its right thigh. Ra is also the name of the Egyptian Sun God, for those curious.”
The last question came from a girl of 5. “What’s E-Re-Dium?”A pair of crane claws whined over the fronts of a conveyer belt, carrying a pair of engines in its grasps.
“Iridium, or Atomic Number 77, and osmium were discovered at the same time by the British chemist Smithson Tennant in post-Jesus Christ year 1803. Iridium and osmium were identified in the black residue remaining after dissolving platinum ore with aqua regia, a mixture of 25% nitric acid (HNO3) and 75% hydrochloric acid (HCl). Today, Iridium is still obtained from platinum ores and as a by-product of mining nickel, as well as scouting runs into asteroid infested areas of space for space rocks filled with it.”
The body of a Hornet Fighter, a small and sleek thing known for its fast speeds, was pushed up into the air, just beneath the engine components.
“Pure iridium is very brittle and is nearly impossible to machine. It is primarily used as a hardening agent for platinum. Platinum-iridium alloys are used to make crucibles and other high temperature equipment. Iridium is also alloyed with osmium to make the tips of fountain pens and compass bearings.”
The engines were lowered to the body. Large welding arms came up from below and began welding the engines to the engine. Inside, small micro-arms were connecting wires.
“Iridium is the most corrosive resistant metal known. For this reason, the standard meter bar was created from an alloy of 90% platinum and 10% iridium. This bar was replaced as the definition of the meter in 1960 when the meter was redefined in terms of the orange-red spectral line of krypton-86.”
The arms finished welding and went away. The completed Hornet, a Y-shaped fighter as sleek and as fast as a hot-rod, was picked up by more crane arms and carried away to another part of the factory.
“Today, Iridium is used to construct hulls for vessels of every class, such as that Hornet, and the rifling of guns. It is also used to construct standard service Mechs, such as the maid-bots Lyris‘s and the small aquarium cleaning Planktons. There is currently talk of using Iridium to construct combat Mechs but it‘s still up for debate.”
The image flickered and the A.I. turned around. “If there are no more questions, let us move on to the assembly line for the Beetle shuttles and see how they are made.”
Speaking of Beetles, the one that found the block of ice flew in though an opening at the top of the 400 story building and headed for a landing platform. There, a security detachment and Solus’ top scientists were waiting. Among them were Modera and his second.
The landing gear extended out of the container and touched down on the platform. The ship hissed as it rested. The engines turned off with a whine and steam hissed out. The front of the container clunked and the ramp descended. The crane within the ship activated and went in to grab the object as the pilots walked out.
“Report.” Modera demanded.
The pilot walked up to him and handed her report. “Well… we ran initial scans and found that there is something inside giving off Iridium signatures. We do know that there is something inside but it could be anything. Maybe a Mech left for dead from a battle or something, considering how small the block is.”
“Right…” the cranes whirred and pulled the block out. They lowered it onto a nearby gurney. “Dr. Leah. You’re up.”
Dr. Leah Mansen walked over to the block, an industrial grade scanner behind her. She stood beside it and pressed a few buttons into a tablet. The scanner started up. It moved its main camera over the block. The eye blinked and began scanning the block.“It should take a few hours to it to fully scan it. It’s surprisingly thick.”
“Yeah. It took our entire trip just to figure out that there’s something unknown inside it.” the co-pilot said. “Why not just blast it?” he quickly suggested. “If what’s inside is a Mech, it should survive a small grenade.”
“Out of the question!” Leah exclaimed. “We have no clue what is inside. What if it’s a being who survived the vacuum of space? Or an ancient relic from an age before the Rebirth? No, we should take this slowly and carefully.”
Modera agreed with her. “Very well. Run your scans, Doctor, and email me the results when it’s finished. If this is a relic or a living being that’s inside, we should take this carefully.”
“But what about the Iridium signature?” the pilot asked.
“If it is a Mech or a Relic, it could’ve been made with that element. And if it is indeed a being, the casing for its Portable Shield Generator could be made out of it. this is why we must be careful. Lord knows what’s lurking in side this thing.”
“That still doesn’t explain the flare on the scanners.” the co-pilot muttered.
Leah looked at her tablet and put in some numbers. Unknown to the others, as they were all distracted by their own things, the block shook ever so slightly and briefly glowed. A pair of bright, yellow eyes opened up and a guttural growl followed.
War X Part 1 Fate at Work Chapter 2
overly protective and controlling parents. sometimes, they just suck. i should know. i live with those kinds of parents.


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here is the full movie, ladies and gents.
and i have been on this site for 3 years- no virus.
and if you want to catch up on the show... well, here you go.


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Favourite style of art: animation, like Disney and Pixar, Dreamworks.
Favourite cartoon character: Toothless from How to Train your Dragon. he's so cute.
Personal Quote: "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." cheesy ain't it.


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TheGreatLordArugi Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist
yo request is done~
I would like some Ebola on my Toast,large. #Trendy by TheGreatLordArugi
Kami-tan123 Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Kami-tan123 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
im here to talk about the colors of fui.
what colors did you want for her armored suit?
Also, you said that her hair changes black, do her eyes also change color?
monsterlord-18 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
she's got purple armor with a golden trim.

and no, her eyes don't change color. just the hair and tail.
Kami-tan123 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
alright thanks :)
monsterlord-18 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014
i take it that means she's almost done?
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Sorakie Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hikaru is there! I don't know her soo color could be off.
monsterlord-18 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
it's ok. she still hot.
monsterlord-18 Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014
LavenderHyuuga Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2014  Student General Artist
ello lovely friend, how are you? 
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